200 Clear Diamond Poker Chip Set With Aluminum Case

200 Clear Diamond Poker Chip Set With Aluminum Case

By admin 0 Comment August 27, 2019

Since the global Poker excursion have become a televised event many human beings have all started to play and revel in a very good recreation of poker. Poker is quick turning into a very popular sport every time acquaintances acquire for a night of entertainment. If you are trying to host the subsequent neighborhood poker birthday celebration, all you want is some snacks, a few beer and smooth beverages and a sincerely surprising poker set to show the alternative gamers you without a doubt suggest commercial enterprise.

For the ones of you who can not afford a without a doubt costly poker set, there are numerous sets inside the mid rate range which are pretty amazing any such is the two hundred clear diamond poker chip set with aluminum case. This example gives a lot for a price variety within the neighborhood of about $35.00.

The Case

The case of the 200 clean Diamond Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case is extremely current and clever looking. The case itself is crafted from sturdy but light-weight aircraft aluminum that has a high silver shine. casino idn The top is clear, product of scratch resistant Plexiglas which lets in you to see the contents internal.

The bottom of the case is lined in inexperienced felt.

While you placed all these features together you’ve got one attractive, modern looking case that most people could be proud to show off to their friends and friends.

The Chips

The Chips contained in the 200 clear Diamond Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case are 9 gram clay composite chips, that look and sense like actual chips and make an impressive clink while thrown into the pile or raked in after that large win. You get a hundred white, 50 pink and 50 blue chips all covered up well in the case.

Extra gadgets

Except the chips and the case the 200 clean Diamond Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case additionally includes five dice and two decks of playing cards organized attractively inside the middle of the case with the white chips on one side and the blue and pink chips on the opposite. Mixed this set gives you the whole thing you need for a diffusion of poker games, from black jack to Texas Holdem’ to craps making it best for any neighborhood poker party.

Thinking about the first-rate of substances and the design of the case, the exceptional of the chips and the extras that are protected in the two hundred clear Diamond Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case that is a brilliant starter kit for the ones just beginning out within the world of neighborhood poker games. It is reasonable price makes it an attractive good deal and might make an super gift for household and pals who enjoy a great recreation of poker.

Even as there are many different poker chip sets available on the market today each less and more high-priced, the 2 hundred clear Diamond Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case is a great choice for a mid variety poker set. Absolutely everyone deciding on this may now not be disillusioned in either it’s layout or exceptional and you could experience years of poker video games using this set.

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