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Being pregnant is an amazing period of time in a women’s life. But it is not very smooth and gentle for all the women. For some women, it takes a huge toll on their health and they go through a lot of hurdles. Knowing the most prevalent hazards that pregnant females encounter during their first trimester, however, is crucial. Moreover, the first trimester is a period where women experience most discomfort, so here are some common problems faced by pregnant women in their first trimester.

  • Miscarriage – It is recorded that in the first trimester around 80 percent of the miscarriages occur. Infections, chromosomal abnormalities, clotting diseases, or anatomical issues with the uterus can cause miscarriage during premature pregnancy. Eating a balanced diet, exercising properly, preventing alcohol and cigarettes should assist keep your pregnancy going.
  • Vaginal discharges and itching – In a woman’s life, vaginal discharge is a regularity. Nothing about a little vaginal discharge is alarming unless it has an odor or is brownish in color. In addition, it may show an infection if there is itching or redness. A more severe issue is whether itching suggests an STD that could be passed on to the child.
  • Mood swings – Women’s hormone levels take a turn and they might have a lot of mood swings during the pregnancy in general and it will be more prominent in the first trimester. Though it is more common in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, due to a drop in estrogen levels and an increase in metabolism, hot flashes while pregnant first trimester is also common.
  • Nausea – Although frequently referred to as morning sickness, it is possible throughout the day. The elevated hormone progesterone concentrations that support your pregnancy also break down your digestive system and contribute to nausea. There is no morning sickness remedy and there is generally no need for therapy. It can assist to eat several tiny dishes, avoid fatty or fatty products and get plenty of liquids. Nausea subsides for most females during the 2nd trimester.
  • Ectopic Pregnancy – When a fertilized embryo is implanted outside the uterus, an ectopic birth occurs. One out of every 50 pregnancies might be ectopic. In the fallopian tube, most ectopic pregnancies happen and can trigger the pipe to rupture. As it produces internal bleeding, this can be deadly.
  • Fatigue – Early pregnancy is often exhausting. Your brain requires additional energy to promote childbirth: your uterus is starting to develop, your breasts are widening, and you are boosting blood cell output and blood quantity. Your power supplies may be depleted by nausea and coughing and increasing concentrations of progesterone create you feel sluggish.

Apart from these swelling of legs, Constipation, Diarrhoea, painful urination, headache and difficulty in breathing are also some of the common issues during the first trimester. When does your belly button pop out pregnant? or when will I start showing? is a very common question asked. Only in the 2nd trimester you start showing out evidently and start gaining weight. It is always better to know about what to expect in pregnancy and be prepared.

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