Don't Waste Time! Facts Until You Reach Your Online Poker

Don’t Waste Time! Facts Until You Reach Your Online Poker

By admin 0 Comment December 1, 2019

We will consider the post-flop game in more detail in another post, so we move on … To the most “elite” positions, Kattof (CU) and Button (BU) .

With Cu and BU we open with the widest range of 먹튀검증업체, since now we have one of the main weapons in poker – POSITION. We play with hands like  22+ , A2s + , A8o + , JT + , suited connectors 45s +.

In the case of 3bet, you add the option of calling 3bet, since you have a position and you can see what the opponent did before your move . In most cases, do a fold, as a significant part of the opening range from late positions you will have medium strength hands. Strong pocket pairs JJ + and a good suited Broadway AQs + I would recommend not to throw 3bets and call to play postflop, where these hands are quite tolerably well played in position.

Before that, we considered the options for opening with a raise in case you make the first move, or there were limpers in front of you. Regarding limps (the first call to the game is not a raise, but the call) – I do not advise if you enter the game first, then either raise or not. Cold call, go only to a set with pocket pairs , if you had a raise, call raise, then you can also connect suited connectors, in addition to pocket pairs, in multipots they play perfectly in position.

And last, 4bets . Do not make them bluff on the trash, it is painfully unprofitable (and not necessary) it is a pleasure in Zoom poker, especially at small limits . Make them only on value bet (against all: KK , AA , against loose opponents: QQ + , AK ). Believe me, everyone will pay you in full, so there’s no sense in making bluffs with 4 bets. It appears only at medium limits: at least with NL100.

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