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메이저사이트 poker has become a spectacular sort of amusement in our society, and conjointly the variability of people World Health Organization use this way of gambling is increasing. It seems that on-line poker activity challenges existing theoretical concepts relating to draw back gambling behaviors. the aim of this literature review is to provide a current outline relating to the population of on-line poker players.


To be elite, articles had to focus on psychopathology in AN extremely sample of on-line poker players, be written in English or French, and be unconcealed before Nov 2015. an entire of seventeen relevant studies were illustrious.


In this population, the proportion of problematic gamblers was on the far side in several forms of gambling. several factors predicting excessive gambling were illustrious like stress, internal attribution, dissociation, boredom, negative emotions, irrational beliefs, anxiety, and impulsivity. The population of on-line poker players is actually heterogeneous, with experimental players forming a specific cluster. Finally, the validity of the tools accustomed live excessive or problematic gambling and irrational beliefs do not appear to be acceptable for assessing on-line poker activity.

Discussion and conclusions

Future studies have to be compelled to ensure previous findings inside the literature of on-line poker games. on condition that skills ar very important in poker collaborating in, talent development inside the frames of excessive use of on-line poker need to be explored further thorough, notably regarding poker experience and loss chasing. Future analysis need to target skills, self-regulation, and psychopathology of on-line poker players.

Poker could also be a cards that was created inside the u.  s. inside the period (Depaulis, 2008). the game became well-liked inside the Seventies with the fitting of the world Series of Poker. good and lucky players created it noted. Poker is vie in many ways in which during which, the foremost common being Lone-Star State Hold’em. it’s become a spectacular craze in our society and there is a strong tendency to gamble (Rossé & Codina, 2009). A French Survey discovered that one patient in five from the active file of the Excessive Gambling Reference Centre (Centre Diamond State elegant city autoimmune disease Jeux Excessif, CRJE) of urban center Hospital was a poker player, furthermore as seventy fifth of on-line players (Venisse & Grall-Bronnec, 2012).

Recently, the French Game Observatory (Observatoire Du Jeu, ODJ) indicated that twenty second of the poker player population contains a problematic use, furthermore as 14 July with AN excessive use (Eroukmanoff, Costes, & Tovar, 2014). A comparative study between French and Quebec (Canada) populations educated that the number of excessive poker players was 14 July in Quebec versus eighteen in France (Kairouz, Nadeau, Tovar, & Pousset, 2014). Shead, Hodgins, and Scharf (2008) found a positive association between the collaborating in on-line and conjointly the score on draw back Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) (Ferris & Wynne, 2001), and poker players had higher many problematic use of alcohol (AUDIT). in step with the authors’ best knowledge, only one or two of international medicine data ar out there to estimate the prevalence of excessive diversion inside the poker player population.

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