How to Setup and Optimize Your Blog for WordPress SEO

How to Setup and Optimize Your Blog for WordPress SEO

By admin 0 Comment January 25, 2020

I’ve generally drawn closer SEO for WordPress through the fundamental standards of SEO. I center around the three significant web search tool factor zones and by doing this I can center my streamlining endeavors.

The 3 Major Search Engine Optimization Factor Areas:

On location SEO

On-Page SEO

Off-Site SEO

We will cover every one of the 3 perspectives here in this guide and by the end, you will have the option to distribute content on your webpage knowing your WordPress Blog site has been arrangement accurately and is profoundly advanced. Your blog will at that point have the option to boost it’s SEO Rankings in Google’s query items each time you distribute another post or page.

It’s tied in with setting up an establishment for SEO and that is the thing that we will do.

We will experience this as though you haven’t introduced your site yet and make it stride by step. This will assist you with ensuring you hit each SEO Milestone as you go.

I don’t need you to miss anything.

Let’s get started.

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The most effective method to Setup and Optimize Your Blog for WordPress SEO

1. Choosing Your Domain Name

​2. Choosing Your Web Host

3. Set Your Permalinks

4. Introduce the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

5. Yoast SEO General Settings

6. Setting Up Titles and Post Meta Data

7. XML Sitemap Settings

8. Presenting Your Site to Google for Indexing​

9. Yoast Social SEO Settings

10. Advancing Your Robots.txt document

11. Advancing Images for SEO

12. Site Speed Optimizations for WordPress

The first two are here.


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