What is the role of water in sports

What is the role of water in sports

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The 29th of August is celebrated in India as the National Sports Day. The day is credited to Dhyan Chand the hockey wizard who brought laurels to the country in the field of sports. On this important day let us consider the importance of water in sports. Research points to the fact that fluid loss can pave way for 4 % of body weight can drop the performance of a sportsman by nearly 30 %. Whether you are a serious sportsmen or undertaking simple exercise in order to remain fit you need to understand the importance of water in sports.

The importance of water

Yes, you are going to need water to survive? A lot of people might argue that you might be addicted to smartphone and might not be able to survive, though in reality a different picture might emerge. Without food you can survive for 3 weeks but hardly for a week can you survive without water. Nearly 60 % of human body is incorporated with water and each cell in our body needs water. Let us leave other things aside and concentrate on the importance of water in our daily lives.

For all living organisms, water is a major component and in the human body essential functions are performed with water. Water regulates our body temperature, removes the harmful toxins from our body and paves way for muscle contractions.

When you are engaging in any sports activity, the body is known to produce excessive sweat so as to regulate our body temperature. This regulates the temperature by eradicating excessive body sweat. This might result loss of water from your body. Sweating is bound to increase with humidity and temperature once your levels of physical activity increase. Once you sweat considerably there is a need for more water in your body. The water that you need to drink has to be pure and safe and hence it is better to opt for the service of RO care India. They have a wide range of models and based on your preferences you can go on to choose one as per your convenience. So as to maintain the temperature levels of your body you might have to drink water a couple of times, before and after your exercise activity.

Can dehydration take a toll on your performance levels?

Sweating can lead to dehydration as this can take a toll on your physical and mental performance. If low levels of water in your body is found it can increase your heart rate and even the body temperature.

Has the thought ever stuck you that to exercise under the hot sun is a lot difficult as compared to an air-conditioned gym? The reason is dehydration as this enhances the perception on how your muscle is going to feel. This can also lead to fatigue of the muscles the main reason why sports injuries are known to occur.

Some people might think that they do not sweat a lot and there is no need to be worrying about dehydration. But you might not even be aware on the amount of sweat that your body goes on to produce.

Understanding more about your sweat rate

In case if you are a professional sportsman you need to be aware about your sweat rate. By being aware of the sweat rate, you can figure out the intake of fluid during exercise or even training. To find your sweat rate is not about using advanced machines but actually it is a lot easier. Now let us explore ways by which you can find your sweat rate

  • Without clothes or with minimum clothes you need to weight yourself before exercising. Before exercise you should even pass urine
  • Then start off with your exercise regime
  • After your exercise weigh yourself. Any sweat that remains in your body you have to wipe it off with a towel
  • Taking into consideration that you did not consume any fluids during exercise this is your sweat rate. For a single kilogram of lost weight, you might lose a single litre of fluid. For example, if your body weight before exercise was 70 kg and after exercise it is 69, then your sweat rate is 1 litre for an hour.

When and how much water you have to drink

Once you sweat while exercising it causes dehydration as this can taper your performance. Consumption of fluids during exercise is going to re hydrate you and ensure your performance remains on firm ground.

Though no fixed rules are formulated on the amount of water you have to drink during exercise as per standards formulated by Aquafresh. The reason being it is dependent upon the intensity, environment along with the heat.

  • Drinking 300 ml of water before you are planning to exercise
  • Around 235 ml of water once you start with warming up of exercises
  • Around 200 ml after every 20 minutes of your exercise
  • After exercise not drinking more than 235 ml of water

The above guidelines if followed can prevent dehydration or loss of performance during exercising. In case if you are a professional athlete you have to first measure the sweat rate so as to obtain a clear understanding of your sweat rate during an exercise regime.

Would plain water serve the purpose?

If the sport is of low duration or intensity then plain water might suffice. Ensure that the water is not cold as human body is known to absorb cold water faster as compared to the normal temperature of water. The cold water might also regulate your body temperature in a quick manner.

Just make sure that the water you are drinking is clean and purified. Once you drink contaminated water it can be a cause of dehydration.

An idea about sports drinks

A common sight is to see sportsmen consuming sports drinks rather than plain water. The reason why they stick sports drink is that plain water cannot serve the purpose of high intensity sports. The potassium and other nutrients in these drinks provide energy and peps up the performance.

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